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Thread Lift

Thread Lift is  a non surgical way to lift and tighten the loose facial tissues.  Sagging of the face can cause you to look not just more aged, but also unduly  sad and tired.  Sagging due to volume loss and ligament laxity is to be approached by a combination of treatment including Dermal Fillers, HIFU and Threads

How does this works ?

Once the threads are placed into the skin, the barbs anchor onto sagging skin, and the thread can be maneuvered to achieve a naturally youthful and defined look. Not only can it improve the appearance of sagging skin, MINT threads can also help promote the stimulation of collagen and neovascularization, which helps to improve skin elasticity, texture, fine lines, and volume for a timeless rejuvenation.

What should I expect during session ot thread Lift ?

After determining the exact indication, the specific type of thread is chosen. Numbing cream is applied on the area to be treated. The thread is inserted into the skin through a very tiny aperture. That’s it! You will not be able to see the thread externally. You may be able to feel it upon pressure. Analgesics are prescribed if needed.

What results can I expect ?

Although individual results may vary, common results achieved with MINT™ PDO include: Heart shaped, higher cheekbone contour 1. Defined jaw line 2. Softer smile lines 3. Softer eyebrows 4. Smoother neck lines

How long does it takes ?

The procedure takes an average of one hour but can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

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