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Medi-Facials are customised treatments which involve  prescription strength (medical grade), energy based devices and natural ingredients, to combat skin issues, such as acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc. Medi-facials also improve the tone, texture, and collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down ageing.

How it is different from salon facials ?

A salon facial involves massages and masks that do not penetrate to the necessary layer, so the benefit is probably till the next wash! The ingredient concentration in the masks and sera in a salon facial are not adequate enough to provide the required therapeutic effect

Who needs medi facials ?

Ideally, everyone! A medifacial is a safe procedure to provide your skin with the nourishment and care needed to restore and maintain its glow and luster and to repair the damage done to it due to ageing, sun exposure, hormonal changes and stress

What are the benefits of medi facials ?

Medifacials have many benefits 1. Anti –ageing 2. Anti – tan 3. Anti – acne 4. Anti – pigmentation 5. Reverses pollution caused oxidative damage

How often do I need medi facials ?

Usually, to set the ball rolling, we need the first 3 at 15 day intervals. After that, in order to maintain the effect it is advisable to get one done every month

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